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A Bit About Me

     My name is Raul Martin Del Campo, I was raised in the city of Aurora, Colorado. I am 24 years of age and enjoy playing soccer, working out and reading books! I was always fascinated with the art of business and sales. I am an entrepreneur whom is always looking to solve a problem. Everyday rain or shine I wake up with lots of gratitude knowing that I am given another shot at life.  I try to my best to always resonate my gratefulness to the people around me this includes friends, family and also clients who later become friends.  Being a realtor is a passion of mine and also my lifestyle. I am always staying busy and love connect with people. I love to support small business and will always be my clients number one sales rep!

Business Ventures

June 2016 - Present

November 2020- Present

November 2020 - Future

Raul has been in the cell phone repair industry for about 7 years, he owns and operates a shop in Aurora, CO. This is where he developed his people skills and learned how to deliver customer satisfaction.

Raul is now working Under Keller Williams Realty. He is a full time Realtor and has found his passion. He now solves some of the biggest problems people could have. He is dedicated to his craft and has excelled in just a short time frame.

Raul's plans for the future are to one day open his operate his own team of charismatic realtor's with the same dreams as him. He wants to be invest into real estate and participate in fix and flip projects. 

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